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Let’s Talk About Our New School Year: Part 2

In the first part of this series, I initiated a discussion regarding conceptual math instruction and the use of metacognitive techniques for the development of thinking skills.  As I approached this discussion, please know that I have a strong bias on this subject.  You see, I have been a strong supporter of conceptual based math instruction since the early 2000’s when, as a school district, Wamego initiated a K-12 math . . . read more

Let’s Talk About Our New School Year - Part 3

In last week’s articles, Mr. Conwell gave the “big picture” about American education and our long history with trying to improve math performance.   In this article, I want to explain some of the details in our switch to new math standards. Four years ago our state adopted new education standards – the . . . read more

Math Myths and Urban Legends

One characteristic of a good friend is that they have the ability to challenge your thinking. Without people like this in your life, it is easy to start thinking that you pretty much know everything. I am fortunate to have a lot of people in my life who challenge my thinking. Recently, a friend asked me about this new math being taught at . . . read more


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